Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Truly Introducing

Well, it seems like I can finally fully introduce my two musician alter-egoes. First, as I have already said, I have pierre xi, which is my electro/club/techno counterpart. Under it, I make all sorts of electronica, originals and remixes. Second, I have the previously unnamed but now-named Pierrotechnique, my acoustic/funk/reggae/folk rock alter-ego, which is basically everything I do that doesn't go under pierre xi. Please have a listen to each and enjoy my music.

I have been and will be working quite hard on both projects. pierre xi is busy remixing an alt-rock piece from acidplanet.com as well as making his own high-tempo dance track, while expecting some bed tracks from Lamb of God's newest album. Pierrotechnique is busy writing songs both for himself and for his band, and is hoping to get some recording time in this weekend and over the March break. More to come next Tuesday...

I leave you today with a shot of me playing with my band at a show at our school last friday:

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