Saturday, January 1, 2011

Welcome to 2011

No, not an Album Quest update quite yet, although I should be getting to that in the not so far future. However, I shall propose a little look back on 2010 and and a little look forward to the year ahead - MMXI or 2011.

First off, what the hell happened in 2010... I started off the year with the rhythm guitar and bass bedtracks of "Situations" on an external hard drive, the International Baccalaureate (IB) program taking up too much of my time to really be able to work on the project at all. Eventually, around March Break I managed to start working on the album and putting everything together. It was finally released in early April on Bandcamp, later appearing on iTunes and such online stores. It was a fun little project that has received a small yet overall positive response, so I'm pretty happy about that. There was also the amazing adventure with the guys from The Final Year, with who I had the chance to play gigs all over Toronto, which saw us improve greatly as a band and made me improve greatly as a stage performer. It culminated in our really awesome night at the Sound Academy and the perhaps rushed recording of our EP "Silence and Reflections", which I am still happy we did.

Over the course of 2010 I took the chance to really expand my online presence as an artist and start networking with more people, meeting some really awesome individuals and connecting with some great communities (yes, Café Noodle, I'm mostly talking about you and the fun uStream gigs!). I found some amazing music made by the already mentioned awesome individuals, which I really enjoyed discovering (and some of which I still need to fully discover!). The latter part of the year was taken up by my first semester of University and collecting rough ideas for material to be developed on the upcoming project with Chris Drexler-Lemire...

Which brings us to looking ahead to this new year ahead of us. This network I've built up and the amazing connections I've made bode well for the release of the various projects I know I'm going to be involved with this year, so I'm basically kind of excited. I've got that project I've talked about with Chris, which is going to be epic and awesome, but I'm not gonna talk too much about it right now - just know that there will be a work of music somewhere between an EP and an album that will come out sometime this year, produced by us two in... My room, which I will be soundproofing when I come home from University and transforming into a little sort of studio that we will be working in all summer. At some point we will be moving in the rest of The Final Year to record an epic idea generated by singer/keyboardist Alex Marsolais-Whicher, which I will also not tell you too much about - just know that we will also be releasing a work of music by The Final Year at some point this year, recorded over one week this summer, most likely in my room studio.

Otherwise, 2011 promises some awesome music by real artists - Matt Stevens is promising his third acoustic album, Steve Lawson is saying he's gonna be releasing some cool-sounding stuff, The Strokes are out of studio and mixing, Radiohead, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Mars Volta, and The Decemberists are all going to be releasing full-length albums, and there are even rumours of a Justice album coming out! I really can't wait for this new year, musically and otherwise... See you there!



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