Monday, February 15, 2010

El Mocambo and Wildcard Voting

Alright; so we at The Final Year [MySpace, ReverbNation, Supernova, Virb, Twitter] had an awesome time playing in front of a great crowd at El Mocambo on Friday. We really appreciate anyone and everyone who came out, and we hope we gave you your money's worth of good music! Anyways, now that the show is over, the voting begins!

Yes, this was one of those - a Battle of the Bands, hosted by We have a pretty good chance of winning to Wildcard Vote if we can get all of you awesome people to vote for us once every day until Friday. This would really mean a lot to us, because we would advance to the city finals, and that's another free show for us! So go here: and vote for The Final Year; you won't regret it! It takes less that two minutes to create a "fan" account and after that you can vote for us whenever you want and for whatever event we happen to be entered in!

Thanks a lot in advance!

Pierre (for The Final Year)

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