Monday, August 13, 2012

A New Way Forward

So it happens, in life. About halfway through a rather enjoyable month of July in this year 2012 by the common Gregorian calendar, I spilled a rather tasteless Corona right over the keyboard of my MacBook - just about where the motherboard resides. After a few days of hoping for some technological miracle, it became quite clear that the thing was dead. Along with my plans for having my album finished production by the end of the summer, because needless to say I wasn't about to go shell out on an MBP until I really needed it, which would be for the start of term in early September. So that sucked. At least we were playing with The Final Year, preparing for a couple gigs, including one this coming Thursday August 16th at the Bovine Sex Club.

And thus I am left with having to devise a new way forward to completing this album. I had made the extremely wise choice of keeping everything music-related on my external, so all I need is a new computer and I can get started right away. As stated above, I'll be getting an MBP for the start of term, in a couple weeks. At that point I'll start being very busy with school and it's going to be my #1 priority; however, I will be taking a digital recording course that could very well help me in my endeavours, and I'll have some free time on weekends to work on finishing the production of this thing. Basically the album will be my #2 priority, just below school.

Progress will be a lot slower than if I had been able to work intensively on production for the last month-and-a-half of summer, but recklessness and stupidity made things work out quite differently. I guess this is the best I can offer, which according to my calculations brings us towards a late December/early January release. I hope to find ears for this project then, considering how much work I have and will have put into it and how much of an adventure it will have been to get it to you. But mostly I just hope it will find ears that will genuinely enjoy my creative explorations and experiments - it's all I really want as an artist.

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