Monday, March 29, 2010

Less Than a Week to Release!

Hello everyone!

I'm getting super excited here getting everything ready for the Situations album release which is THIS SATURDAY!!! I just gave the pictures my awesome girlfriend photographer took to my awesome graphic designer father for album cover, promo graphics, headers, etc. Anyways, I thought I would just let you guys know that there is a lot you can do to help me in this glorious endeavour (or something of the like). First off, tell all your friends and family that there is this guy somewhere in Canada who's just self-produced his debut album and they might want to check it out if they are interested in any of the following genres of music (choose all that apply): folk and folk rock, acoustic and acoustic rock, alternative and alternative rock, indie and indie rock, gypsy jazz, blues, and world music. Send them over to the following link, which will be very important on Saturday: That's where you'll be able to download/buy the album!

Once you acquire said album on said fast approaching Saturday, you can still help me (if you are so inclined) by playing my music to all your friends and family and encouraging them to go download/buy the thing themselves (or just let them copy your copy if they're really to lazy to go download it). But most important of all, remind them that they have only until the 17th of April to get the album for free. On the 17th, it will go up to a $10 flat rate, and will probably remain that way until I get something new out.

Anyways, that was a lot of potentially useless writing, but all to say that the release is coming really fast and you guys can all help support my first venture into the world of recorded music. In return, I promise to provide any support you guys should need.

That is all, for now at least,

P.S. Steampunk pirates Abney Park are an amazing band, and their latest work, Æther Shanties, is a testament to their awesomeness. Very strongly highly recommended!

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