Saturday, April 3, 2010

"Situations" out now!

Today is the big day! Today is the release of my debut alternative folk-rock album, "Situations", available now at For the next two weeks, the album will be available on a name-your-price basis with no minimum. On April 17, however, it will go to a $10 minimum. It will also be available for purchase on my personal website.

I am insanely relieved that this project has finally come to fruition. I have put so much effort, over the pas few months, to bring this to life that I cannot help but feel a little proud of what I have accomplished. It may not be much, it may not get noticed, it may not be great, but I managed to bring it from scratch to this finished product.

There are, of course, many people to thank for the completion of this adventure. First, my main inspiration, the lovely Karina Visser, who also did all the photography for the project (more pictures to come!). After her, there are all the guys I worked with one this: Olivier Ruel, who brought us into the studios at Sheridan College, Christopher Drexler-Lemire, who lent me his wonderful bass skills to round out the sound of each track, and of course, my father, Xavier Massé, for being an exemplary hard worker and for having done all the graphics and designs linked to this project. I'd also like to thanks all my friends and family for support and inspiration - without all these people, this album would probably have never seen the light of day. Go get it, and enjoy it.



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