Sunday, May 2, 2010

On the Horizon...

So I guess this is a post about the future. Half concrete plans, half speculation - I'm just gonna talk about what's next with my musical career (dare I call it so?). First up, I'm concentrating on finishing my 12th and final year of school on a high note, with International Baccalaureate exams coming up and the final show of our band The Final Year, on the weekend of June 18th-19th at the Sound Academy in (relatively) downtown Toronto. This is going to be an amazing show, I can promise you that, and we will rock anyone who comes to the ground. We're trying to sell at least 100 tickets for this thing, a feat which would win us a fair cut of the ticket sales. More info over at The Final Year's blog... As well, we're planning on recording a little EP before I head on over to France for the summer, as a way to celebrate these two years of merry music making. We've got some songs done and some songs in the work - hopefully it will prove to be quite a gem of a piece of music.

More personally... I mentioned heading over to France for the summer. I will take that opportunity to shoot and produce some videos for a few of the songs from "Situations" in hopes to get more exposure, and also for creative amusement and advancement. I'm also probably going to end up writing many songs and discovering new sounds and rhythms, new tips and tricks, new trial and tribulations... all of which will (hopefully) enhance my music-making.

Next year is the big U - University. To be precise, the University of Waterloo, Physical Sciences - Chemistry major, co-op program. With a music course as an elective, of course. This will be an exciting, and I probably won't have time in the few first weeks to months to work on a lot of music, but, as things get settled down, I will start producing a new EP/album - we'll see, depending on my material and production capabilities, what the length of the production will be. I will be getting a Gretsch Electromatic G5122 sometime very soon, so my next piece of work will be more electric - and more eclectic! I am seriously considering doing some heavy alternative rock experimentation, which should be fun. I am learning a lot by writing songs with the band, influenced by various alternative and experimental bands (a'tris, Muse, the Mars Volta, Meshuggah, and others...).

I have also lowered the price of "Situations" to a more modest $5. If you haven't already, go get it now. If you have it, tell all your friends and help spread the word!

So stay tuned, because the coming months and years are sure to be exciting, and I would love to have you all along for the ride.



P.S. For all you fans of harder electronic music - or Electro House - I highly recommend checking out The Prodigy's latest release Invaders Must Die.

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  1. Thanks for the plug Pierre! Sounds like a solid road map you have there.

    That G5122DC looks pretty sweet ;)